Graphic Designer

18 Year old designer who has been designing for 5 years and has experience with Photoshop, Cinema 4D and 3Ds Max.

Price Ranges(BASE PRICES):
Youtube Banner - $10
Twitter Header - $10
Forum Signature/Small Banners - $10
Profile Avatar - $5
FULL PACKAGE (EVERYTHING ABOVE) $30 [Twitter Header and Youtube Banner will be the same design unless requested differently]

Not apart of the full package:
Desktop Wallpaper - $15
Full Twitch Revamps - $30
Text Based Logos - $15
Scriptfodder Banners - $10

Stuff I can not do so don't ask for:
Shape Logos. (I am working on getting better however I will not be selling till perfected.)
Illustrations. ( I can sort of do these but I do not have the proper equipment to do so.)
Anything that involves motion like animation.

Follow this Format if you want some Designs:
How much are you paying/paid:
Examples(If none leave blank):
What do you need (Header, Signature, Avatar, etc...):

Terms and Conditions:
Follow that format and if there is something you just want me to choose to leave it blank.
All payments must be paid beforehand and in full.
Keep in mind if my customer doesn't like the design I will fix it until they do.
I will not accept refunds for any reason if the client does not like the work please read the line above this one.
Time may vary depending on client flow so please be patient I will try my best to follow the requested deadline.


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